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Researchers for the popular TV show...Who Do You Think You Are?

We were thrilled to be chosen to conduct research and provide genealogical expertise for the USA edition of the popular TV show Who Do You Think You Are?

We are also pleased to be the Yorkshire researchers of choice for a number of National (UK), London and USA research companies!

Let us help you discover your Yorkshire Ancestors! No matter how much it has become diluted over the centuries, we provide our service to all those fortunate in having Yorkshire blood flowing in their veins - let us guide you on a journey 'home' to meet your Yorkshire Family.

One of the many client testimonials we have received in support of our service:

"I must commend you on the evident thoroughness of your research and the array of expertise, knowledge and resources you obviously bring to the task. You certainly pursued lines of inquiry beyond my capabilities." B. Gennings, Ontario, Canada

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  • Ancestry Research

    Ancestry Research

    Just as every family is unique the associated paper trail which follows their ancestral lineage will likewise be so...

  • Hourly Research

    Hourly Research

    Short investigations for those engaged in their own research but have come up against the ubiquitous brick wall...

  • Property Deeds

    Property Deeds

    An incredibly rich seam of family information that only Yorkshire and one other English county has available...

  • Family Biographies

    Family Biographies

    "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."

  • Family Tree Charts

    Family Tree Charts

    Our family tree charts are unique...we will create a beautifully crafted chart depicting your ancestral lineage...

  • Birth Brief (Pedigree)

    Birth Brief (Pedigree)

    Unlike the family tree chart which documents a single family line a birth brief documents all of ones direct ancestors.

  • Location Photography

    Location Photography

    With all of the documentation now available, what more could today's researcher possibly wish for...

  • Gifting Research

    Gifting Research

    A programme of research makes an ideal gift for any anniversary...why not buy them research as a gift.

  • One to One Tutorials

    One to One Tutorials

    Due to the volume of research work we currently have scheduled, we have temporarily suspended our tutorial service!

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I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, and to tell you how impressed I am with the thorough job you did and the professionalism you and your company displayed throughout...thank you kindly for the high quality work you've done for me.

R. Music, Ontario, Canada

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